Dermalogica Endorsement

Wednesday 24th February 2021

To Whom It May Concern,

Beauty Antix

This letter is to give our endorsement to Amber Forrest and the wonderful team at Beauty Antix in Wairoa for their application for Skin Centre of the Year at the NZ Beauty Association awards.

Beauty Antix, owned by Amber Forrest, has been a Dermalogica stockist since March 2014. Beauty Antix is a Platinum Skin Centre which is our top level of recognition. Skin Centres gain this recognition through exceptional commitment to Dermalogica from their investment in educating their Skin Therapists, to their marketing activities and much more. All Platinum Skin Centres come highly recommended from Dermalogica as destinations to visit to receive the ultimate Dermalogica experience. Beauty Antix has held this honour every year since we introduced the programme and certainly encompass all that the programme stands for.

Dermalogica is the key brand stocked within Beauty Antix and we feel that Amber and the team have shown great commitment to the brand over the years, always representing us to a high standard and always with passion and enthusiasm. The team are highly focused on continued education and Amber herself holds Dermalogica Expert status. Dermalogica Experts status is the highest Dermalogica qualification available to an individual skin therapist and a lot of training hours goes into reaching this level.

Beauty Antix is strongly connected to the Wairoa community and I believe this is a big contributor to their success. Their annual events are not only a great driver of business for Beauty Antix but also help her and the team to bring the community together and educate and inspire them. We are always impressed with how well organised these events 

are and we often use Beauty Antix as an example to other customers on how to run a successful event.

Looking forward, Amber has an extremely exciting and ambitious vision to open a facility to help train Beauty Therapists in the region. This plan will not only give back to her community it will also continue to put the Beauty Antix brand on the map. 

Amber and the Beauty Antix team are a great example of a small business rising to the top in regional NZ. We are extremely proud of all that they have achieved to date and look forward to seeing this business continue to grow and succeed. 

Kind regards,


Angie Montgomery
General Manager