Eyelash Treatments

Completed with silk lashes. Different lengths, widths and curls available. Customised to suit the individual.

Classic Lash Extensions 
(first set) (90mins)

A full set completing every existing lash to perfect extension, providing a luscious look, whilst maintaining a very natural finish. (perfect for brides or holidaying).


Extended (maintenance) (40-60mins) 

Refill service - maintain fuller lash extensions. Usually recommended after 2 to 3 weeks.


Lash Removal

Extension removal service.


Lash Lift

 Have your lashes semi-permanently curled and tinted to perfection - finishing with a nourishing serum to restore lash health. Your lashes will appear longer, darker, fuller and curled for a mascara-less look. These lower maintenance lashes can withstand showering, swimming and last 6- 8 weeks.



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