Dermalogica Skin Specific PRO Facials

Every skin has a story - tell yours with a detailed skin analysis and skin treatment fully customized using Dermalogica products to address your skin concerns. We prescribe the correct products for you, and also teach our clients proper product application and how to use correctly at home. 
PRO 30
(30 minutes)

A bespoken facial treatment that addresses your top skin concerns in a convenient amount of time with real results.


PRO 60
(60 minutes)

A personalized skin experience that takes you on the ultimate journey to your healthiest-looking skin with the use of skin specific Ion Active serums and machinery.


PRO Peel
(60 minutes)

A customized superficial chemical peel using gentle but effective AHA's to address your skin concerns beyond its surface layer. Your professional skin therapist will customize a Pro Peel using powerful, but non - irritating solutions to instantly brighten and hydrate your skin.


Breakout Freakout (Teen Facial)
(30 minutes)
A 30 minute personalised Dermalogica facial catered to your teens skin concerns. Begin with a mini skin analysis and facial using products prescribed to your teens skin needs.  $55
Face Fit
(20 minutes)

Get a skin fitness plan (mini skin analysis) completed with a mini hydrating skin treatment to follow.


Face Map
(10 minutes)

Address skin concerns with your therapist by performing a mini skin analysis, and follow through with giving samples to use at home. 


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